Backstage Pass


Points = Record Sales


Spectator: Purchased a Backstage Pass membership

Roadie: Completed the Spectator Questionnaire (Located under Lesson 1 in the STAGE System)

Band Member: Completed the STAGE course

Dating Rockstar: Complete a Dating Rockstar audition

Achieving the following levels will give you access to bonuses, exclusive events, and advanced training:

Gold Record Holder: 2,000 to 3,999 Record Sales

Platinum Record Holder: 4,000 to 5,999 Record Sales

Double Platinum Record Holder: 6,000 to 7,999 Record Sales

Diamond Record Holder: 8,000 to 9,999 Record Sales

Double Diamond Record Holder (aka Double D): 10,000 + Record Sales

Exec: Company owner

Hall Of Fame: Greatest members of all time, outstanding achievements

Retired: Found Mrs. Right


Record Sales are in (parentheses). The ability to earn each point type is unlimited unless otherwise indicated in [brackets].


Complete a STAGE Lesson (50)

Band Practice: Click the “Attend Practice” button and stay for the entire session (50) [once weekly]


Publish a post (1)

Get a visit to any post (2)

Give a comment (1)

Receive a comment (2)

Give a post rating (1)

Get a post rating (2)

Give a comment up vote (1)

Get a comment up vote (2)


Update profile avatar (5) [once monthly]

Update profile information (5) [once monthly]


Send a friendship request (1)

Accept a friendship request (2)

Get a friendship request accepted (1)


Publish an activity post (1)

Reply to an activity post (2)

Favorite an activity post (2)

Get a favorite on an activity post (2)


Publish an activity post in a group (1)

Create a group (2)

Join a group (1)

Request to join a private group (1)

Get accepted on a private group (1)

Invite someone to join a group (1)


Get promoted as moderator/administrator of a group (50) [once monthly]

Promote another member to moderator/administrator of a group (50) [once monthly]


Will be announced (200-500)bonuses, exclusive events, and advanced training

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